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Productive Firefox

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Firefox has redefined the web experience. It dragged the web out from the clutches of the mundane and boring IE6. Apart from the features which are immediately obvious, Firefox has hidden treasures which can further improve the browsing experience

Ctrl + K

I’ve seen people who wanted to do a Google search open a new tab, type in in the address bar and then enter their search term or drag their mouse pointer all the way the search box next to the address bar. There is a much faster way to accomplish the same. Just open a new tab (Ctrl + T), then press Ctrl + K and you are in the search bar!

Bonus tip: Press Ctrl + Down/Up arrow to switch between different search engines.

I’m Feeling Lucky

Google search has this feature where it will show the most popular website for a given search expression. Using Firefox you can do it right from your address bar. Say you remember a popular website for lolcats but cannot remember its address. You can type in lol cat in the address bar and voila! Firefox shows you the page that started the silly phenomenon:


lol cat

Of course you could as well load and do a search there. But that is too way too slow compared to:  go to the address bar (Ctrl + L), and just type in the search term. Time is precious. We can’t waste it can we? But a caveat here. This works fast only for search terms which involve at least two words. If you type in a single word, Firefox will attempt to do a DNS lookup for it and when there is no match for that word, only then will Firefox route the word to Google’s I’m Feeling Lucky search.

My preciouss mouse!

Here’s something for you mouse lovers. To open a link in a new background tab, you can hover over it and press the middle click of your mouse (now a days that is mostly the scroll wheel ). This way is faster than doing a right click on the link and selecting “Open Link in New Tab” option. Another way to accomplish the same is to hold the Ctrl key and do a left click with the mouse.

Skating through tabs

To cycle through tabs from left to right use Ctrl+Tab. To do it in the opposite direction, use Ctrl+Shift+Tab. To switch to the tab right of the current tab use Ctrl+Page Down and for the tab to the left, use Ctrl+Page Up.

A cleaner web

Ever since the web came out of a “fancy geek fad” status to a “essential communication medium”, website owners smelled money. A lot of it. As result we see web pages are ad soups with a bit of content thrown in and in some cases even the teeny bit of content is spread across multiple pages. Not only do ads add clutter to a web page, they also waste bandwidth. Enter Adblock Plus, an add on which blocks ads. Install it and enjoy a better web.

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September 10, 2009 at 13:21

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